Become a Certified
DNAFit Academy Trainer
Learn exactly how to personalise your clients exercise and nutrition plans using the power of genetics
Become a Certified
DNAFit Academy Trainer
Learn exactly how to personalise your clients exercise and nutrition plans using the power of genetics
What You'll Learn:
Discover the genetic factors
that affect your client’s nutrition and fitness
Find out why some clients
respond to your exercise programming, and some don’t
How to revolutionise your
personal training sessions, and your client’s results, on a truly personal level
…and how to stand out from the
generic personal trainer with cutting-edge scientific knowledge and techniques
What Some Of The Leading Authorities In Fitness Are Saying About DNAFit…
Paul Burgess
“The information in this course saved me hours of researching and was presented in a concise and practical manner. It will add so much to my practice!"

Paul Burgess, Personal Trainer
James Fitzgerald
“I had 10 companies that contacted me about DNA testing, I investigated and tested all of them and DNAFit is who I recognise as the leaders. They have the secret source, they are taking what is valued information in a scientific format and transforming that over to help people with their training, programming and nutrition!”
James Fitzgerald, Owner Of OPEX
DNAFit Academy Course Details:

The Current State of Nutrition And Fitness Advice

How did the obesity crisis arise, and where are we heading? What are the reasons unpinning all this - does a one size fits all approach work?

Genetics 101

Find out what a gene is, and how genetic research is performed. Learn the importance of the gene-environment interaction, and DNAFit’s standards for evidence.

Power & Endurance Response

Here you’ll learn of the key fitness genes, how to apply this info to your training, and DNAFit’s groundbreaking research on the peak performance algorithm.

Aerobic Potential

What is VO2 max, and how much do genes play a role? Here we provide an overview of the research, and how to apply this to your training for improved results.

Recovery Speed

An overview of the recovery process, introducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Learn how and when to use recovery modalities, and how to prevent overtraining.

Injury Risk

This module covers the key genes involved in injury risk, and gives practical recommendations for preventing and recovering from injuries.

How Can Genetics Affect Our
Diet Choice?

An introduction to diet based genes, and their effects on weight. Can your genes inform which diet to choose, and is this approach effective?

Food Intolerances - Lactose

Discover why some people lose the ability to tolerate milk with age, the difference between coeliac and gluten intolerance, and if going gluten free improves athlete performance.

Micronutrient Response Genetics Anti-oxidants, Omega 3, Vitamin D and Vitamin B

Uncover the genes influencing omega-3, antioxidant, and vitamin D requirements, as well as the MTHFR gene’s link to B vitamins.
What You’ll Get
When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:
  • The DNAFit Online Educational Academy
  • 21 Core Modules
  • 84 Lessons
Plus, upon successful completing of the course and all exams you will also receive:
  • A certification with the DNAFit academy 
  • Status and recognition as a DNAFit certified trainer
  • Opportunity to join the DNAFit Education Institute which allows you to sell DNAFit test to your clients
Course Details
  • Tuition: Limited Time Special Just £199 (Normally £299 saving nearly 50%!)
  • Bonus: Free DNAFit testing kit worth £179 when you enroll on the DNAFit Academy.
  • Setting: Online/Virtual
  • Course Length: 10+ Hours
  • Expected Completion Time: 8 - 15 Days
Who’s It For:
Experienced Personal Trainer
You’ve been in the industry a while, you’ve updated your skill set and done many educational courses. You’re ready to expand your knowledge even more.
Newly Qualified Personal Trainer
You’re a newly qualified trainer, who is eager to upscale their knowledge and results for their clients. You won’t get left behind.
Strength & Conditioning Coach
You’re probably coaching semi-pro or pro athletes, and you’re ready to upgrade your knowledge on how to individualise your planning.
Crossfit Coach
Your athletes are looking to gain every
advantage they can in your WOD’s, you
want to give them the best knowledge you can to help them perform at their best
Gym Owner
You may gave hundreds, even thousands of members in your gym, but the biggest issue is making sure your members reach their goals.

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The course is a series of
online webinars with course work and a final exam

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You’ll need to show you've
understood how genetics
affect our response to fitness and nutrition

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About Your Tutor
Olympian Craig Pickering
  • Head of Sports Science at DNAFit
  • One of only 8 people in the UK ever to be selected for both the summer and winter Olympic games
Craig Pickering is a British Olympic athlete in both the 100m/4x100m relay and in Bobsleigh. As an
athlete, Craig is one of only 8 British athletes in history to have been successfully selected for both summer and winter games. With a career spanning every level of sporting success, Craig was forced to retire with a back injury in 2014.

Craig is Head of Sports Science at DNAFit, helping inform and deliver the company’s work with everyone from professional sports teams to absolute beginners with an elite ambition. Craig holds a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath and is currently studying a professional doctorate in elite performance.
Your own DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro (RRP £179) for FREE!
Because we want you to truly understand the impact of genetic data for fitness and nutrition, we want you to fully experience the power of DNAFit. There’s no better way than trying it out first hand, before embarking on your genetic journey with your clients. This is why, when you enrol on the DNAFit Academy, we give you a testing kit, completely FREE.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is the DNAFit academy for?
The academy is for anybody working in the fitness or nutrition industry that wants to better understand their clients and provide the best programming possible.
Will I get to try a DNAFit test on myself?
Yes! Sign-up now to receive a DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro (RRP £179) for FREE with your membership.
Can I do this from my country?
Yes. You can become a member of the DNAFit Academy from anywhere in the world.
What will I get?
When you sign-up, you’ll be given access to over 20 hours of in-depth audio and video lessons on the genetic factors of fitness and nutrition, all delivered via an easy-to-use web portal.
How long will it take?
You’ll receive instant access upon sign-up, and you can study at your own pace.
How does it work?
Just sign-up, log-in, and study at your own pace.
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